Ropemaker Place

13 lifts comprising of:

Group of 6, 5 x 10 floors low-rise passenger lifts and 1 x 24 floors fire fighting lift

Group of 5 x 28 floors high-rise passenger lifts

1 x 21 floors 3 ton goods lift

1 x 15 floors fire fighting lift

Installation commenced at Ropemaker Place in February 2008.

Our labour installed 13 lifts by normal method using alimaks, the programme was very tight due to 4 months building delays, the company worked closely with Bjoern Kage, the Project Director to move the job forward and to assist Thyssens we supplied a site manager through to the end of the job.

We also assisted with the technical side of the DCS’s installation and grouping of the lifts.

A lot of the install was completed out of sequence but we managed to meet the partial completion date.