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14 lifts installed consisting of: 1 x 2 floors scenic lift 2 x 18 floors tower lifts
2 groups of 5 x 12 floors passenger lifts and 1 x 16 floors goods lift

All lifts on this project had no scaffolding and used no tiraks. The European method of installation was used.
LLIL labour had 9 lifts to install on this site starting in June 2006, 8 lifts were completely
installed using the same method as Centre Point.

The method used was;
– Set out grid lines at the ground or main floor
– Transfer grid lines to machine room
– Set up machine room and re-designed the motor room
– Set out machines and got them running, whilst we proceeded with this the setting out of the pit equipment and guides were in progress
– After this counter weight and installed, 20% loading CW, roped up (double wrapped) counter weight driven to top floor
– Car side of ropes joined to bias weights
– Over travels worked out
– Ropes hitched to the sling
– Car installed
– False platform on sling
– Piano wire plumb line hung down and set out
– Guides and landing fronts installed working up the shaft.
– Complete installation as normal from top of car.

Seminars were given by our Consultant Engineer to other sub-contractors, including Thyssens own workforce on this method of install who completed a group of 5.

The 2 floor scenic was a normal install done at the end of the job and all met the partial completion date.